#15 Wisconsin Weekend

From breakfast, lunch, to a late-night snack, this basket is filled with weekend treats to satisfy any crowd!

8oz Monterey Jack

8oz Pepper Jack

8oz Rainbow Cheese

8oz Medium Cheddar

8oz Sharp Cheddar

8oz Port Wine Spread

7oz Garden Vegetable Spread

8 oz. Sharp Cheddar Spread

7 oz. Onion Spread

20 oz. Old Wisconsin Summer Sausage

7 oz. Old Wisconsin Beef Sticks

7.5 oz. Dried Door County Cherries

2 bags Baby Rice Microwave Popcorn

6 oz. East Shore Dipping Pretzels

4.5 oz.  Mustard

7 oz. Crackers

7 oz. Homemade Chocolate Cheese Fudge

12 oz. WI Maple Syrup

5.7 oz. Natural WI Honey

12 oz. Pancake Mix

Cheese Slicer