#15 Wisconsin Weekend

From breakfast, lunch, to a late-night snack, this basket is filled with weekend treats to satisfy any crowd!

8oz Monterey Jack

8oz Pepper Jack

8oz Rainbow Cheese

8oz Medium Cheddar

8oz Sharp Cheddar

7 oz. Gouda

8 oz. Sharp Cheddar Spread

7 oz. Onion Spread

20 oz. Old Wisconsin Summer Sausage

7 oz. Old Wisconsin Beef Sticks

7.5 oz. Dried Door County Cherries

2 bags Baby Rice Microwave Popcorn

6 oz. East Shore Dipping Pretzels

4.5 oz  Mustard

7 oz. Crackers

7 oz. Homemade Chocolate Cheese Fudge

12 oz WI Maple Syrup

5.7 oz Natural WI Honey

2 - 8 oz Pancake Mixes

Cheese Slicer